UIButton-based view with fade in/out animation features
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JTFadingInfoView is google's material design like notification view with smooth fade in/out animation features, based on UIButton subclass.

You can select fade in/out direction as you like. Also, customizable properties can be tweaked behaviors and enhance your application UI cool.

With this library, you can easily implement floating in-app notification to your app, such as login success/fail notification messages.

Screen shot


JTFadingInfoView is available on CocoaPods.

You can use this library by adding the following command onto your Podfile:

pod "JTFadingInfoView"


The simplest setup:

  CGRect frame = CGRectMake(150, 200, 150, 50);
  NSString *label = @"JTFadingInfoView!";
  JTFadingInfoView *infoView = [[JTFadingInfoView alloc] initWithFrame:frame
  [self.view addSubview:infoView];

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Customize Behaviors

JTFadingInfoView has parameters to customize behaviors as you like:

/** A float represeting the time for displaying this view itself (second).
/** If <= 0, view will not disappear */
@property float displayDuration;
/** A float representing the time the view is appeared by (second). */
@property float appearingDuration;
/** A float representing the time the view is disappeared by (second). */
@property float disappearingDuration;
/** A float representing how much the view moves during fading in/out. */
@property float animationMovement;
/** A JTFadeInType representing from which direction the view appears */
@property JTFadeInDirectionType fadeInDirection;
/** A JTFadeInType representing to which direction the view will be disappeared */
@property JTFadeOutDirectionType fadeOutDirection;

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Change History


  • First release


  • Bug Fix


  • Bug Fix


iOS 7.0 or later


Junichi Tsurukawa j.tsurukawa@gmail.com


JTFadingInfoView is available under the MIT license.