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[EN] "Pop up" headlights

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Headlamps opening, like ZR-350 (RX-7)


Before proceeding, be sure to read the Introduction.

Before VehFuncs, installing cars with this type of headlight was only possible by replacing the zr350 or configuring .ini files in mods such as Vehicle Special Abilities and fastman92 limit adjuster.
VehFuncs enables any vehicle to run this function without configuring any .ini file.

The system is completely new, that is, you can configure the rotation and position in all 3 axis, and also speed, separately the left and right, so influencing the damage. In this way, it's possible to accurately recreate any type of headlights.

How to use

Use f_popl for the left headlight, and f_popr for the right.
This is enough, will already work using the default settings, which is: speed 4 and rotating 30° on the X axis.

But if you want to configure it to your liking, it uses the new configuration pattern of VehFuncs animations, not yet written here, but just see the examples:


f_popl=ax30y2z3s4 — will rotate an angle of 30° on the X axis, at the same time, it will move 2cm on the Y axis and 3cm on the Z axis. Everything will happen at speed "4".


If you set the left side but not the right, the left side values ​​will be used in the right, so you don't need to rewrite the same settings on both sides. This is, for example: f_popl=ax35s4 and f_popr.

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