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[EN] Police lights

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Set the position of emergency lights


Before proceeding, be sure to read the Introduction.

You must have already downloaded a police car and the position of the emergency light was wrong, right?

The position of the police lights is set inside the executable instead of a dummy. In this solution, VehFuncs will enable you to use a dummy to tell you where the light position will be. If the dummy does not exist, the default position is used.

VehFuncs will not change any light operation, it will only change the position!!!

How to use

Use a dummy named f_coplight to define the position that will be the beginning of light.
That is, the dummy will be positioned on the side of the police light bar:
coplight giroflex zmodeler
The light will move to the same position on the other side of the vehicle, thus causing the effect of the light walking to another point. This means that if you use the dummy in the center of the vehicle, there will simply appear a still light changing color.

If you want to define the "final" position of the light, use a child dummy with outpoint name that informs the final position. It is not common, but it can be useful to create a single light.

Important: Because it's a dummy that defines an offset from the position of the vehicle (not the parent node), it's highly recommended that you place the dummy in the same place where the dummies exhaust, headlights, ped_frontseat etc, otherwise the position may appear wrong.

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