[EN] Rotating with pedals

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Rotating with pedals


Before proceeding, be sure to read the Introduction.

Formerly known as "enh_scoop", it can be used to simulate gas pedals, open the air scoop's "butterfly" cover from a supercharger/blower, or even simulate a motorcycle accelerator.
Also available on brake pedal in the same way.

Watch a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XJ2gU0l6FA

How to use

You need to inform some angle of rotation, and may have several angles at the same time.


f_gas_ax=90 — will rotate 90° on X axis.
f_gas_ay=-90 — will rotate -90° on Y axis.
f_gas_ax=45_az=10 — will rotate 45° on X axis and 10° on Z axis.
f_brake_ax=90 — Idem all above.

Remember that the game has a limit of 23 characters in the part name, careful not to exceed the limit.
Remember that Y in game is Z in ZModeler.

It's also interesting to note that it isn't necessary to use dummy.

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