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Clean version started for use with ICTindeWolken IoT project

Related to project:

Credits: Ted v d T --> re-coding the Project

To use this project for a basic gps tracker:

(1) Assemble the device

  • begin with the Lora32u4
  • add curly antenna
  • add 400mAh Lipo to charger port
  • add BN-180 micro GPS by connecting GND-Tx-Rx-VCC to Gnd-10-11-3V3 on the Lora32u4.

(2) Test: load your Ardiuno environment

  • add the libraries from supplied zip
  • open a blink example and confirm correct workings of the device
  • open the supplied arduino_test_GPS.ino, and confirm correct workings of the device and gps. Leave the device connected so the GPS can get a fix on locaton.

(3) Register the device with TTN

  • In your TTN account, if needed create a TTN app with decoder as supplied in decoder.txt, and add HTTP integration to the S3 bucket (detailed instructions available). If ballooning, do not integrate with ttnmapper.
  • In your TTN app, add a device (have ttn generate all fields) and change to ABP mode and change to NOT check for frame counter. If ballooning, use bal as the first 3 letters in the device name.

(4) Program as GPS tracker

  • open supplied arduino_juniorIOT_Lora32u4_basic.ino
  • Confirm payload size is defined as: #define PAYLOADSIZE 40
  • Copy the devices' TTN sample code to define the keys to your keys.h
  • Send the program to the Lora32u4, and review progress in the serial monitor.

(5) Confirm and play

(6) Add tracker icons to the map?

  • create a 150x150 transparent png where image mainly is in the middle 100x100 pix. Ipload to S3 game /icons subfolder and optionally also to track/icons subfolder for balloons
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