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This plugin is designed to parse the Juniper Native sensors data. Juniper Native sensor data are Google Protobuf messages sent over UDP. Hence this plugin should be used with UDP input plugin.

Data from all the sensors are emitted with same tag. So if you want to distinguish data from different sensors, then rewrite_tag_filter should be used. What this means is, in case if you want to store the data in databases, by default all the data will be stored in single table/measurement. If you want the data to be stored separately per sensor, then you have to use rewrite_tag_filter plugin. Configs examples are given below.

Below are few points that are considered:

  • No sessions are maintained to the devices
  • Existing UDP listener input plugin should be used to listen on configured ports
  • Data from UDP listener will be passed to the parser plugin that is written in here
  • In case of changes to sensor definition, the proto files have to be recompiled to appropriate library based on the collector and added to the plugin repository
  • In case of addition of new sensor, corresponding proto files need to be compiled to appropriate library and should be added to the plugin repository
  • Timestamp, system_id from the JTI message and hostname on which the collector is running is added to all the entries


Download the plugin from

Change directory to <path-of-download>/fluent-plugin-udp-native-sensors

Build using gem build fluent-plugin-udp-native-sensors.gemspec

Install using gem install fluent-plugin-udp-native-sensors-0.0.1.gem



    @type udp
    tag juniperNetworks
    format juniper_udp_native
    port 22000

<match juniperNetworks>
  @type rewrite_tag_filter
  rewriterule1 sensor_name (.+)  ${tag}.$1


On starting td-agent, Logging supported like below.

2017-09-12 10:50:44 +0530 [debug]: plugin/parser_juniper_udp_native.rb:63:parse: Extract sensor data from etina: with output structured i
2017-09-12 10:50:44 +0530 [debug]: plugin/parser_juniper_udp_native.rb:70:parse: ============================================================== 
2017-09-12 10:50:44 +0530 [debug]: plugin/parser_juniper_udp_native.rb:75:parse: jnpr_qmon_ext={"queue_monitor_element_info"=>[{"if_name"=>"xe-2/0/1", ......
2017-09-12 10:50:44 +0530 [debug]: plugin/parser_juniper_udp_native.rb:76:parse: ==============================================================


Pull requests are very welcome!!


Copyright : Copyright (c) 2017 Juniper Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.

License : Apache License, Version 2.0

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