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How to write rules

Please follow the DATA model user guide present here. Submit only the .conf files

How to contribute

  • Create a personal fork of the project on Github
  • Clone the fork on your local machine. Your remote repo on Github is called origin
  • Add the original repository as a remote called upstream
  • If you created your fork a while ago be sure to pull upstream changes into your local repository. Your fork needs to be in sync with upstream for pull request to get merged
  • Make changes
  • From your fork open a pull request to the development branch


  • To contribute to "juniper_official"
    • You must be a juniper employee.
    • Subscribe to 'healthbot-rules-official' alias on
    • Your latest commit on the pull request must be a verified commit and must be signed with your juniper employee email id. Follow the below section for signing a commit.
  • Rules can get promoted from “community-contribution” to “juniper-official” based on field feedback and its applicability
  • Pull request will be closed automatically if you contributed to the 'Juniper_Official' folder. Please refrain from doing that if you are not a employee

Signing a commit

  • Follow the steps from here to generate and add gpg key to your github user account. Use your internal juniper email address for the key.
  • Follow the steps from here to add and verify the internal juniper email address to your github account
  • Set your local repo to use the key generated above for making signed commits
    • Use the gpg --list-secret-keys --keyid-format LONG command to list GPG keys and copy the short key
      $ gpg --list-secret-keys --keyid-format LONG
      sec   4096R/<COPY_SHORT_KEY> 2016-03-10 [expires: 2017-03-10]
      uid                          Hubot 
      ssb   4096R/42B317FD4BA89E7A 2016-03-10
    • Set git to use commit signing using git config commit.gpgsign true
    • Set git to use the key generated above using git config user.signingKey <PASTE_SHORT_KEY_HERE>
    • Use '-S' flag while making a commit e.g. git commit -S -m your commit message
    • NOTE - You need to set the juniper email id in your git configuration

Automated Testing

  • CI pipeline is run for every submitted and updated pull request. Reviewer will only review the rules after it passes the automated syntax testing.
  • Any syntax error occured on all the changed files will be reported back as a review comment.
  • CI pipeline can also be triggered by commenting 'Jenkins please retry a build' on the pull request