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Juno Package Information

Juno consists of a number of packages for both Julia and Atom:

Atom Packages

  • uber-juno – An Atom metapackage which installs the Juno IDE.
  • julia-client – This package ties everything together. julia-client boots Julia from inside Atom, then communicates with the Atom.jl package to provide e.g. autocompletion and evaluation within the editor.
  • language-julia – Provides basic language support for Atom, e.g. syntax highlighting.
  • ink – Provides generic UI components for building IDEs in Atom (e.g. the console lives here).
  • latex-completions – Provides unicode completions for certain $\LaTeX$ commands.
  • indent-detective – Tries to work out the indentation settings of your current file, sublime-style.

Julia Packages

  • Juno.jl – The frontend API. Provides components for package developers and users to interact with Juno.
  • Atom.jl – This is the language server backend for Juno, the Julia IDE.
  • Blink.jl – An API for communicating with web pages from Julia.
  • CodeTools.jl – Provides backend editor support for Julia, e.g. autocompletion and evaluation.
  • Hiccup.jl – A library designed to make HTML from Julia.
  • LNR.jl – Parser for handwritten text where line and column information is significant.
  • Media.jl – The display system which enables the user handle multiple input/output devices and decides what media types get displayed where.
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