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Juno a good IDE?
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aviatesk Merge pull request #711 from JunoLab/sp/relativepaths
allow julia path relative to atom executable
Latest commit 83d0e40 Mar 30, 2020


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.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE issue template 3 Oct 17, 2018
ci update ci/packages.jl to Julia 1.0 Jun 12, 2019
docs Update Jul 21, 2016
keymaps tweaks Feb 15, 2020
lib always cd back Mar 30, 2020
manual quick update Oct 28, 2019
menus rm no more used code and add devpkg menus Mar 5, 2020
script require Atom@0.12.8 Mar 5, 2020
spec Fix typo Jul 28, 2019
styles Merge pull request #702 from JunoLab/sp/terminaltooltips Mar 5, 2020
.gitignore init Jul 14, 2015
.travis.yml update travis Mar 27, 2020 Create Jun 15, 2017 change category for contributing discussions. Feb 17, 2017 update May 27, 2019 Fix link to installation instruction Dec 30, 2019
appveyor.yml fix appveyor? Jun 12, 2019
package-lock.json Prepare v0.12.4 release Mar 25, 2020
package.json Prepare v0.12.4 release Mar 25, 2020

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This is the main repo for Juno, the Julia IDE. Please see here for installation instructions and report problems at the discussion board.

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