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etch = require 'etch'
commands = require './package/commands'
menu = require './package/menu'
toolbar = require './package/toolbar'
module.exports = JuliaClient =
misc: require './misc'
ui: require './ui'
connection: require './connection'
runtime: require './runtime'
activate: (state) ->
@requireInk =>
commands.activate @
x.activate() for x in [menu, @connection, @runtime]
@ui.activate @connection.client
if atom.config.get('julia-client.firstBoot')
if atom.config.get('julia-client.useStandardLayout')
setTimeout (=> @ui.layout.standard()), 150
requireInk: (fn) ->
if atom.packages.isPackageLoaded "ink" then fn()
.then -> fn()
.catch ->
atom.notifications.addError 'Installing the Ink package failed.',
detail: 'Julia Client requires the Ink package to run.
Please install it manually from the settings view.'
dismissable: true
deactivate: ->
x.deactivate() for x in [commands, menu, toolbar, @connection, @runtime, @ui]
consumeInk: (ink) -> = ink
x.consumeInk ink for x in [@connection, @runtime, @ui]
consumeTerminal: (term) ->
@connection.consumeTerminal term
consumeStatusBar: (bar) ->
@runtime.consumeStatusBar bar
consumeToolBar: (bar) -> toolbar.consumeToolBar bar
provideClient: -> @connection.client
provideHyperclick: -> @runtime.provideHyperclick()
consumeAutocompleteWatchEditor: (watchEditor) ->
config: require './package/config'
completions: -> @runtime.completions