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Know more, fear less.

JupiterOne ❤️ Open Source Software

Security is a basic right. The more accessible and effective we make security technology to security practitioners, developers, researchers, and students, the stronger that technology will grow and ultimately, the safer our community will become.



  1. jupiterone-client-nodejs jupiterone-client-nodejs Public

    A node.js client wrapper for JupiterOne public API and a CLI utility

    TypeScript 14 9

  2. starbase starbase Public

    Graph-based security analysis for everyone

    TypeScript 326 30

  3. security-policy-builder security-policy-builder Public

    CLI for generating policies, standards and control procedures (PSP) documentation in Markdown and publishing to JupiterOne or Confluence

    TypeScript 79 28

  4. secops-automation-examples secops-automation-examples Public

    Examples on how to maintain security/compliance as code and to automate SecOps using the JupiterOne platform.

    JavaScript 50 5

  5. insights-dashboards insights-dashboards Public

    A library of data visualization dashboard templates that can be imported into JupiterOne.

    TypeScript 17 7

  6. security-policy-templates security-policy-templates Public

    A set of policies, standards and control procedures with mapping to HIPAA, NIST CSF, PCI DSS, SOC2, FedRAMP, CIS Controls, and more.

    JavaScript 268 81


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