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Hotify allows your guests to decide which songs are played next.

You set up a computer running Spotify and everbody can vist a mobile website to suggest and vote for songs that should be played next.

Proxy Server

The proxy server is requried for broadcasting message. It is a simple server using ruby

Installation on Ubuntu

Install Ruby and required gems

$ sudo apt-get install ruby-dev
$ sudo gem install em-websocket hallon

Install Libspotify

Download from to proxy-server/lib

If you download to some arbitrary location let LD know about it!

$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<directory of>

Run Proxy Server

By default the proxy server will listen on port 8080 on all interfaces

$ cd proxy-server
$ ruby server.rb

Hotify in Spotify

Add hotify directory to spotify (directory above spotify-app) and search in spotify for spotify:app:hotify

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