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An API wrapper for Discord written in Pharo
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Discord API. DiscordSt is a client for Discord written in Pharo. It includes subset of the public API that constantly grows. If you miss any API, please, tell us, open an issue, or make a contribution :-)

Pharo Integration. Smalltalk developers know very well that live programming frees developers from the “edit-compile-run” loop and allows people to interact with running programs very easily. The DiscordSt's purpose is to bring Pharo's live experience to developer communications, such as online chat discussions. DiscordSt thus includes a Pharo integration that allows you to share Playground code snippets, related source code, screenshots, animated GIFs (screen recording), and system information. All this from Pharo itself as smooth as possible. For more information, check Pharo integration.

DiscordSt version 0.2.0 supports Pharo 6.0, 6.1, and 7.0.

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You can install DiscordSt from Catalog Browser:

World menu -> Catalog Browser Catalog Browser

or by executing the following script:

Metacello new
    baseline: #DiscordSt;
    repository: 'github://JurajKubelka/DiscordSt/src';

The script above installs a standard Discord client (webhook, bot, user client, and the Pharo integration). To install a subset of the standard installation or extra packages, e.g., a Block extension, check documentation.


You can update the Discord client from World menu / Communication / Update DiscordSt.

World menu -> DiscordSt Update


You can watch a video tutorial available on YouTube. It includes examples and several use cases. Check the talk outline (description) below the video. A recent talk on YouTube is more focused on the Pharo integration version 0.2.0. Slides for the first talk are available here, for the second talk here.

For more information about

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