Excel calculator for Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) Rf values of various psychoactive compounds.
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Excel calculator for Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) Rf values of various psychoactive compounds, ranging from tryptamines to cathinones. Based on the amazing work of Endlessness (https://www.dmt-nexus.me/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=71113). Using ratios the calculator makes TLC analysis a piece of cake.

"Testing with TLC is easy! Test your substance next to any other substance that is of confirmed identity (if you don't have anything at home you can buy caffeine online or even just soak coffee beans in the provided testing liquid and use that). Then you measure the height of the spot of your known substance (for example caffeine or anything else you have), and then select your unknown substance (the one you suspect what it should be but need to confirm it's identity) from the dropdown list, and the calculator will tell you where your unknown substance should be on the plate." by Endlessness

Repository developed by SIN (https://sin.org.pl) in Poland. Inviting fellow drug checking researchers!

Current release covers following eluents: 97.5% Methanol and 2.5% Ammonia solution (25%) - 134 substances

Ethyl acetate, methanol and (25%) ammonia – (85:10:5 v/v/v) - currently in development


To take the ratio basically you have to make many tests per substance versus caffeine, in order for it to be accurate, at least 5x tests per substance, ideally in different days and then makes an average of their ratio. Otherwise you can make it using another substance then caffeine. For example if you have pure MDMA you can do all substances vs MDMA then you get the substance vs MDMA ratio and calculate what it would be vs caffeine too.


"When I initially made the tests there was no way of finding a substance's height if you didnt have the pure standard of it. Literature only talked about Rf's absolute values, and I made many tests noticing it would change A LOT. So those values didnt serve anything - it would change 3cm up and down the plate depending on the day, that made it useless. Then I started doing this thing vs caffeine, and noticed that from 3cm variation, I could get it down to 0.3cm variation, which is literally 10x better. Still not 100% perfect, but that would only be so with the pure standard. But considering we are talking about helping people that most likely wont have the pure standard, then we need to give them an alternative. That's the best i've found." by Endlessness