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using BaseLibS.Graph;
using BaseLibS.Param;
using PerseusApi.Document;
using PerseusApi.Generic;
using PerseusApi.Matrix;
using PerseusPluginLib.Utils;
namespace PerseusPluginLib.Rearrange{
public class UniqueValues : IMatrixProcessing{
public bool HasButton => false;
public Bitmap2 DisplayImage => null;
public string Description
"Values within each row in the selected text columns are made unique by removing duplicates. The entries are " +
"interpreted as separated by semicolons.";
public string Name => "Unique values";
public string Heading => "Rearrange";
public bool IsActive => true;
public float DisplayRank => 16;
public string[] HelpSupplTables => new string[0];
public int NumSupplTables => 0;
public string HelpOutput => "";
public string[] HelpDocuments => new string[0];
public int NumDocuments => 0;
public string Url => "";
public int GetMaxThreads(Parameters parameters){
return 1;
public void ProcessData(IMatrixData mdata, Parameters param1, ref IMatrixData[] supplTables,
ref IDocumentData[] documents, ProcessInfo processInfo){
int[] stringCols = param1.GetParam<int[]>("Text columns").Value;
if (stringCols.Length == 0){
processInfo.ErrString = "Please select some columns.";
public Parameters GetParameters(IMatrixData mdata, ref string errorString){
new Parameters(new Parameter[]{
new MultiChoiceParam("Text columns"){
Values = mdata.StringColumnNames,
Value = new int[0],
Help = "Select here the text columns that should be expanded."
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