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RH1-N0 Documentation

Welcome! In order to get the bot in your server, you'll need to make sure you have the "Manage Server" permissions on your server! Next, go to THIS URL where you'll be able to add him to the selected server. If you don't have the "Manage Server" permission, ask someone on the server who does to invite him! Make sure you don't remove ANY permissions listed or RH1 will not work properly on the server!

I recommend checking out my Bot Help Server as well as thats where you're best going to get help with any issues!

What is this?

This is a multi server and multi purpose automatic moderation bot that will help you keep a clean chat whether you're on desktop or mobile, at home watching chat or out and about! The bot is smart enough to prevent spam without hindering normal discussion and also allowing the filtering of words from the chat, keeping things SFW and link spam free.

More specifically, the bot will check a user's join date and determine the type of rate limiting it needs to take based off that. If a user is new, it'll be much more strict with its filtering until they've been on the server for the server defined time. Oh, did I forget to mention each server can set up its own specific rules for the bot to enforce, tailoring it to the needs of the server? Slipped my mind. In total, the bot currently offers 16 different options for customization. It also touts a server log which will merge all chats into one and log all people who have joined or left a server, edits, deletes, everything, and a mod log which will keep track of every action taken by it for total transparency!

What isn't this? (yet)

  • It is not a tool to create custom commands of a server by server basis, though that is planned and will hopefully be implemented in the coming days to weeks.
  • It will not make your bed for you.
  • It will not talk to your girlfriend for you.
  • It (unfortunately) will not make food for you.
  • It is not a catch all end all for spammers and trolls. I try my best to stay ahead but someone will always be able to get past filters.

General Notes

  • RH1 has recently been changed, he no longer supports servers with less than 100 members in their server! Sorry to anyone this negatively affects! (19th Oct 2016)
  • When registering, the bot saves your place so you can take your time!
  • All registration will take place in the Private Messages between the bot and yourself.
  • The bot needs all the permissions. Failure to do so will result in errors being printed in chat.
  • If there is a catastrophic error and the bot needs to be restarted, a message to all servers detailing this will be sent to the general channels.
  • During the registration, you need to send the word "trumpet" to the bot in a dm and nothing more to continue.
  • Failure to follow the instructions written here WILL result in the bot behaving in unintended way and possibly doing unwanted things.

That being said, if you have anything to report or want to suggest features, be sure to pop on by to my Discord server!

Sounds cool, why should I trust you though?

Funny you should ask! I currently am a moderator on the /r/wow, Heroes of the Storm, and Game Detectives (formerly Steam Sale Detectives) Discord servers a lot with the creator of the ever so popular Music Bot!

I decided my next project should be something that is heavily needed by me and many others and can be easily deployed from server to server! This bot is running on each and every one of the servers that I moderate on and then a few more and has gone under intense scrutiny to see if it truly does run well and it passed each test with flying colors! Try the bot out on your server and see what the fuss is all about!

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