A client to send Docker container logs to logentries.com
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DLE (docker logentries)

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A client to send your Docker logs to logentries.com.


  • Docker API v 1.12 (if you have an older version of Docker, you can use tag 0.0.2)

First steps

  • Configure all your containers to log to stdout/stderr
  • Set up log rotation on your Docker logs (not actually required)



  • Log into your account at logentries.

  • Add a new host and select manual configuration.

  • Give your log a relevant name (Docker catchall)

  • Select Token TCP

  • Register new log

  • The token is needed by dle. Pass it either by the environment variable DLE_DEFAULT_TOKEN or the flag --default-token

  • Start dle (we recomend using our Docker image)

Docker image

$ docker run -d --name dle -e DOCKER_ENDPOINT=unix:///tmp/docker.sock -e DLE_DEFAULT_TOKEN=YOUR_DEFAULT_TOKEN -e DLE_LOG_LEVEL=warn -v /var/run/docker.sock:/tmp/docker.sock justadam/dle:latest

You can also pass -e DLE_IGNORE=true to ignore this container's logging, or -e DLE_TOKEN=token to send the log to a specific log at logentries.


Configuration is done via the environment. Once dle is running it will find all active containers and forward their logs to the default log you just created at logentries. That is; all logs will be collected in a single entry but this is probably not what you want.

One log entry for each container

  • Log into logentries
  • Click Add log in the host you created earlier.
  • Give the log a name
  • Select Token TCP
  • Register new log
  • Copy the token
  • Start your container and specify the environment variable DLE_TOKEN=YOUR-TOKEN
  • Repeat for each container
$ docker run -d --name your-container -e DLE_TOKEN=YOUR-TOKEN you/container:latest

dle will see this new container and start forwarding the logs.

Ignoring containers

  • When creating your container specify the environment variable DLE_IGNORE=true
$ docker run -d --name your-container -e DLE_IGNORE=true you/container:latest


  • Check out this repository
  • Install gb
$ make build
$ mv bin/dle /usr/bin/dle