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Welcome to ASF wiki. Wiki is an online help that covers many different subjects such as frequently asked questions, possible issues, usage, setting up, and many more.

You can find currently available help pages on the right of this page ->

Some of the subjects you might be interested in:

  1. Setting up (Start here)
  2. Configuration
  3. FAQ
  4. Commands
  5. Documentation
  6. Performance
  7. Trading
  8. Security
  9. Steam Family Sharing
  10. Statistics

Advanced users might be interested in:

  1. Escrow
  2. Mono
  3. WCF
  4. Low memory setup
  5. Command-Line Arguments
  6. Logging
  7. Running as Service
  8. Localization

Developers might be interested in:

  1. Compilation
  2. Release cycle
  3. API
  4. License

If you need further help, you can ask either on our Gitter chat, or in the discussions of our steam group. Consider using chat for small questions or discussing common ASF things, and group thread for general issues and bugs reporting.

GitHub issues page is being used for ASF TODO list, regarding both features and bugs. It has rather strict policy - GitHub is not technical support and all cases that are not suggestions or bug reports should NOT be posted there. You have ASF chat and Steam group for general discussion, questions or technical issues. Please avoid using GitHub issues, unless you indeed want to report a bug or suggest an enhancement. Even prior to doing that, please make sure that you're indeed dealing with a bug, or your suggestion makes sense, preferably by asking on chat/steam group first. Invalid issues will be closed immediately.