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Changes since V3.4.0.4:

  • We've improved our update process according to feedback of users that encountered some problems. If something doesn't work, we recommend to download this release (or newer) manually and copy over config directory. Not a lot of people got affected by this problem, so if everything works for you, you don't need to do anything.
  • Fixed restart command that we accidentally made to work the same as exit during our huge kestrel refactor, whoops (ref: #932).
  • Synced ASF-ui to latest release which should fix some issues that people have reported.
  • Other misc code improvements, optimizations and bugfixes.


ASF is available for free. If you're grateful for what we're doing, please consider donating. Developing ASF requires massive amount of time and knowledge, especially when it comes to Steam (and its problems). Even $1 is highly appreciated and shows that you care. Thank you!

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