Google Chrome Open Source extension for Travian 4 that adds some ''missing'' features to the game
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A Chrome extension to make playing the online game Travian a little easier.

Install this extension from the Chrome store for free!


πŸ’„ Plugins

  • Auto Adventure
  • Auto Refresher
  • Marketplace Enhancements
  • Report Enhancement
  • Resource Calculator
  • Resource Indicator
  • Resource Sender
  • Travian PLUS
  • Troop Attack
  • Upgrade Indicator
  • Village List Enhancement

Looking for a plugin? Request it by opening a new issue here!


:octocat: Developed by Aleksandar Toplek (@AleksandarDev) at JustBuild Development

πŸ’¬ Contributors

πŸ’° Donators

  • Ivan Boytsov
  • Geczy


This extension uses Google Chrome's built-in capability to crawl and change page content using JavaScript. This extension isn't supported by Travian Games GmbH and is forbidden by Travian Game rules and Terms of use! By using this extension and all features you agree with License.