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JustLight Theme for webtrees

A light clean theme using the Bootstrap framework. This theme requires webtrees 1.7.x. Download the latest stable release of this theme here.

Note: the current development version (master branch) is compatible with webtrees 2.0.0-dev only. It does not work with older versions of webtrees.


This is a new modern theme in clean white and blue. The layout is adjusted as much as possible for use on touch devices like tablets and mobile phones.

A few things to mention:

  • The menu is responsive. This means it will collapse on smaller screens and have only clickable items. You might be used to hover over a menu item to get it’s submenu but on touch devices the hover functionality doesn’t exist.

  • The tabs at the individual page are replaced with bootstrap panels for a better layout on mobile devices.

  • At the individual page the sidebar will collapse automatically when viewing from smaller screens.

And much more...

Like the JustBlack theme, this theme also have it's own option module. You can opt for a compact menu, a separate media menu and/or to place the main menu items in any order you like.

Installation and upgrading

For more information about these subjects go to the JustCarmen help pages: http://www.justcarmen.nl/help. You will find there other tips as well.

Bugs and feature requests

If you experience any bugs or have a feature request for this theme you can create a new issue or use the webtrees subforum 'customising' to contact me.