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Theme options module for the JustLight theme in webtrees
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JustLight Theme Options Module

Theme options module for the JustLight theme in webtrees.

This module requires webtrees 1.7.x. Download the latest stable release of this module here.

This module can only be used in conjunction with the JustLight Theme.


On the JustLight Theme Options configuration page you can set the following options:

  • Use a compact 'View' menu. In the compact version of the topmenu the menu-items Charts, Lists, Calendar and Reports (optional) will be put together in one mainmenu-item.
  • Move the media menu link to the topmenu.
  • Order the main menu items. Ordering menu items here is more flexible then the sort option webtrees offers by default. Here you can shuffle ALL main menu items (except the homepage and my page menu).


You can help to translate this module. Updates to translations should be made at Changes made there will be pushed to the git repository periodically and will be available on the development version of the module. They will be included in the next release of this module.

Installation & upgrading

For more information about these subjects go to the JustCarmen help pages: You will find there other tips as well.

Bugs and feature requests

If you experience any bugs or have a feature request for this theme you can create a new issue or use the webtrees subforum 'customising' to contact me.

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