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Benchmarks of InnoDB vs Memory MySQL engines
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Benchmark tool of InnoDB and Memory MySQL engines as a PHP CLI.

The purpose of this tool is to validate the results of other benchmark tools, e.g. sysbench.


  1. Check out the project

  2. Set up vendor folder and autoloading:

    php composer.phar update


  1. Start preparation, using the "prepare" method.
  2. Run the tests, using the "run" method.

Usage examples

php benchmark.php prepare innodb 100000
php benchmark.php prepare memory 100000
php benchmark.php run innodb 100000 mixed random
php benchmark.php run memory 100000 mixed random

Clean up

php benchmark.php cleanup innodb
php benchmark.php cleanup memory

Test types

The 'run' method accepts different test types.

Each method in Benchmark\Run\Engine is supported:

  • mixed random
  • read random
  • read singleRow
  • read allRows
  • write random
  • write update
  • write insert


To be able to run tests with a large number of rows, you might need to change the following MySQL configuration variables:

  • increase 'max_allowed_packet' (the prefill method inserts all rows in one chunk)
  • increase 'max_heap_table_size'
  • increase 'tmp_table_size'

The read tests does not make searches (neither range searches or equality comparisions). It picks random rows based on an ORDER BY rand() statement. Performance of search and indexing is thus not tested using this tool.

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