Email module for Kohana 3.0 framework - port of 2.3.x email helper
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Email Module For Kohana 3.0

This is a direct port of the email helper from Kohana 2.3.3 source code.

It has been updated to work with SwiftMailer 4 and includes the libs dir from the 4.0.4 distribution.

Usage should be exactly as with old helper.

Methods defined:

Email::connect($config = NULL)

Creates SwiftMailer object. $config is an array of configuration values and defaults to using the config file 'email'.

Note: PopBeforeSmtp is not supported in this release as I didn't know what was required to set it up. It IS supported in Swiftmailer through the Swift_Plugins_PopBeforeSmtpPlugin plugin class. This can be used manually if required. If anyone can modify and test the connect() methd with this functionality I'll add it but I can't find documentation about how it used to work (i.e. is expected to work) so I have left it out for now.

Email::send($to, $from, $subject, $message, $html = false)

$to can be any of the following:

$from can be either a string email or array of email and name as above

More complex email (multipart, attachments, batch mailing etc.) must be done using the native Swift_Mailer classes. The Swift Mailer autoloader is included by connect() so you can use and class in the Swift library without worrying about including files.

The Swift_Mailer object setup by connect is returned by it so if you need to access it manually use:

    $mailer = Email::connect();

    // Create complex Swift_Message object stored in $message