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Chromium and Pepper Flash update script for winPenPack portable suite for Windows

If you are already using winPenPack X-Chromium:

  1. Place X-Update-cpf.cmd next to X-Chromium.exe and X-Chromium.ini
  2. Run X-Update-cpf.cmd and follow the wizard to get all required utilities from corresponding sites or download prepered archive
  3. Save the executables from step 2 into "Update" folder

Alternatively you can start with where winPenPack X-Chromium, updater script and helpers packed all in one. Simple unzip it and run X-Update-cpf.cmd to obtain fresh Chromium and Pepper Flash.

[Experimantal] If you want to try x64 Chromium winPenPack package delete Bin and Flash folders, rename X-Chromium.exe and X-Chromium.ini to X-Chromium-x64.exe and X-Chromium-x64.ini respectively (or use prepared archive), then run X-Update-cpf.cmd to download all the necessary binaries. Please be warned about pros and cons of 64-bit version.

Credits and Thanks:

© 2015-2016 JustOff, licensed under MIT