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This is the original and updated source code
for the project run by Micah Dowty.

What's changed?

Well, a lot has changed. The original source wasnt even working, combining this code with the working copy of the virtual machine Micah used to offer for download has resulted in this codebase being usable.

I have successfully updated everything to Python 3.7 and updated to modern versions of Django, removing code which is no longer relevant to today's modern web technologies. The core, when Micah abandoned the project, was in a state of transition. Django was new and so were most modern web technologies we have today. As a result all of the stats websites are on an older web technology while Django runs the rest of the site. Most of the core uses XML-based technologies (instead of JSON like we would use today). The core has come a long way internally to make it work again but it has a long way to go.

I plan to support platforms outside of just IRC (such as Discord, email, mobile push, and possibly Slack) once the core is more maintainable.

Why bother? We have GitHub and we just use it's own IRC/Discord bots.

Well, the solutions since has fallen have been medocre at best. While GitHub does have discord and IRC bots to announce in various channels, they do not allow the same kind of experience that CIA's ruleset system does: You can 'listen' to certain projects in your own discord/irc server without having to go patronize the developers or repo maintainers to add your webhook url to their project. This was something I missed when did go offline.

Personally I hate that the internet has just become dominated by HTML and browsers, and I would rather have some kind of real-time notification in one of my chat programs instead of having to go to and ask it "Hey, what updates do I have on this project?"

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