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R NetLogo Scala Shell
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Space Matters

Repository for systematic analysis of geosimulation models sensitivity to spatial initial conditions.


Contains density grids and classification scripts.

  • CityNess : caracterisation and classification of grids
  • densityGrids, densityGrids2, explored, grids1, grids1_reformated : raw grids


Implementation of the schelling model to study the effect of the space on the simulation results.

Scala implementation

To run it you should use SBT, and execute: sbt run

NetLogo implementation

TODO : documenter Schelling-Densite.nlogo et Schelling-Diversite.nlogo et coupler au générateur NetLogo.

Visualise the results

Go to the online app : Or use RStudio, open the files ui.R or server.R in the "visualisation" folder, and click : Run App

To visualise your own model results, upload csv files named "resultmicro.csv" for cell description across steps, and "resultmacro.csv" for parameters and output measures across steps.


  • Sugarscape.nlogo : Netlogo modified implementation, includes density generator.

  • Model.oms and Exploration.oms : OpenMole exploration script

  • R scripts : analysis of results

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