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| Changelog: |
* Features
- A button was added in the settings to redetect installed apps and their
version. This should solve issues for situations where Apktrack is
unable to start at boot time and/or receive intents, or otherwise made
to hibernate.
* Translations
- Malaysian translation contributed by antuketot76. Thanks!
- German translation reworked by Olf. Thanks!
* Update source
- Added the official Signal website as an update source for the
application of the same name (contributed by Keith Z-G - thanks!).
- Fixed APK downloads for the F-Droid update source.
* Bugfix
- Oreo's new application icons are now rendered properly.
- Detection of updated apps should now work way better on Oreo.
- Fixed a crash on 4.4.2 devices caused by posting a notification with an
SVG icon.
* Features
- You can now configure a proxy in the settings. It will be used to check
for updates, but *NOT* for APK downloads and searches.
- Downloaded APKs can now be cleaned from the settings screen.
- Added an option to ignore apps for which no update source could be found.
* Update Sources & Search Engines
- Timeouts between version checks have been reduced, which makes the
process of checking all apps much faster.
- Updated the direct download regexp for F-Droid as their layout had
slightly changed.
- Added a new search engine, APK-DL.
* Translations
- Japanese translation contributed by Naofumi F. Thanks!
* Permissions
- A new permission (REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES) is required to be able to
install APKs on Oreo.
* Supported Devices
- ApkTrack should work on Android O.
* Bugfix
- Fixes a major bug caused by ProGuard in F-Droid builds which prevented
users from entering the settings.
* UI
- The app's design was materialized by Tetsuo55.
- Icons have been vectorized (also by Tetsuo55).
- The last check date is now relative (i.e. "10 minutes ago").
* Update Sources
- Removed the Nightly (Firefox) update source, because their website keeps
changing and the app has built-in update capabilities anyway.
- The AppBrain source has been renamed to ApkTrack Proxy to reflect that
different websites are now queried. A lot more direct links to APKs are
provided, including Signal and Firefox.
- Fixed the WhatsApp update source. Support has also been added directly in
the proxy and this source will be phased out in later versions.
* Version Checks:
- Version checks for Google Play Services now ignore the part of the
version number identifying the architecture and DPI of the device.
* Supported Devices:
- ApkTrack now works on Android N.
* APK Downloads
- The OS' download service is now used directly instead of proxying
requests through the installed browser.
- Downloads respect the user's preference regarding which networks are
OK to use (WiFi / mobile data).
- Downloaded APKs can be installed directly from ApkTrack's UI.
* Permissions
- ApkTrack needs a new permission (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) to write
downloaded APKs to the sdcard.
* UI
- Fixed a longstanding issue where the last check date could overlap
the action icon (that one really bugged me).
* Settings
- Added options to ignore all system / Xposed apps in a single click.
A screen dedicated to managing ignored apps is still warranted.
- Added a preference allowing users who enabled background checks to
automatically download new APKs when they become available.
* Update Sources
- Merged the 9Folders update source (only used for com.ninefolders.hd3)
into the AppBrain proxy, because of new anti-scraping countermeasures.
* Source detection
- ApkTrack will set the right update source for itself (upstream or
F-Droid) depending on who signed the APK.
- The source for all Xposed modules is now detected automatically.
- The F-Droid app is now correctly handled by the F-Droid source.
* Miscellaneous
- Moved the ApkTrack APKs to a server with more bandwidth.
- Version checks for ApkTrack now take place over HTTPS.
- Updated German translation.
* Bugfixes
- Fixed a widespread crash triggered during the initialization
of the app.
- Fixed a problem with icon resizing for devices with uncommon DPI.
- Minor bugfixes for crashes reported through ACRA.
* Security
- Communications with the AppBrain proxy and crash report service now take
place over HTTPS.
- Certificates used by those websites are bundled with ApkTrack to prevent
man in the middle attacks.
* Translations
- Updated Polish translation.
- Added Italian translation.
* Bugfixes
- Resolved a race condition potentially leading to random crashes.
- The AppBrain update source returned a malformed result when it doesn't
have version information for particular apps (i.e. org.eff.actioncenter).
This is now handled gracefully so other update sources can be tried.
- Fixed the "currently updating" icon getting hidden because of screen
* Automated crash reports
- ACRA has been integrated to the app in order to submit stacktraces when
ApkTrack crashes (no data is sent without user consent).
- New settings were created to control whether bug reports should be sent.
- A privacy policy was written to describe how bug data and user data is
handled in general.
* Bugfixes
- Fixed a bug introduced in 2.0.1 triggered when trying to resize
non-square icons.
- Fixed a bug causing a crash with VectorDrawables for devices without
- Fixed a bug where trying to determine the network type (WiFi / data) would
cause a crash.
* Miscellaneous bugfixes
- Oversized icons no longer break the UI.
- Download URLs for Xposed apps are now obtained correctly.
- App uninstallations now also delete stored icons in the database.
* Ignoring irrelevant apps
- When detecting apps present on the device, disabled apps are ignored by
- Apps can be swiped to indicate that they should stop being displayed in
the UI and be ignored in subsequent update checks.
- An option was added in the settings to reset ignored apps.
* Detecting installed apps
- The full app detection is only done once, during the first launch. All
subsequent updates (packages added and/or removed from the system) are
now detected through Intents sent by the system.
- ApkTrack and its background services now communicate with the help of an
Event Bus, which allows complex information to be passed reliably. Model
modifications trigger notifications on this event bus, which tell the
applist which information should be refreshed. Thanks to this, there are
no more loadings when the model is updated.
- It shouldn't be possible for ApkTrack to miss apps that are installed,
removed or updated with this new design. So I'm removing the "Redetect
installed apps" button which wasn't very elegant nor user-friendly.
* Database overhaul
- ApkTrack now uses Sugar ORM to perform its database operations (branch
1.x contained a lot of manual SQL queries). The codebase is much cleaner
and easier to maintain now.
- Icons have been moved to a separate table, which allows ApkTrack to read
all the application info without eating up the device's RAM. From now on,
Icons are only loaded when they need to be displayed.
* Update sources
- ApkTrack can guess the default update source for some predetermined apps
based on their digital signature or their package name.
- The structure of sources.json has been changed. It is more complex now,
but it allows contributors to specify per-package regular expressions in
case the information for multiple apps is hosted on a single webpage.
Formerly, it would have been necessary to create an update source per
package in some cases.
- It is also possible to specify a regular expression to locate an APK
download link on the page. This will allow more direct downloads to be
- F-Droid, Mirakel, Xposed Stable / Beta now all provide direct APK
* Misc
- Build system switched to Gradle to make third-party builds easier.
- ApkTrack will now remember across reboots whether you want to display
system apps or not.
- Searches are more flexible, and any part of the name or package name
can now be matched (not just the beginning as it was the case).
- Apps with vector icons are now displayed correctly on devices with an API
level >= 21.
- Manual changes to the update source are immediately reflected in the UI.
- The spinning icon which indicates that an app is currently being checked
isn't lost anymore when the app list is refreshed, sorted or updated.
- Notifications will not be displayed more than once for each updated app
(ApkTrack 1.1 would keep display notifications until the app was
Known issues:
* Swiping the app at position N, then scrolling down and up causes a blank
line to be displayed at position N-1.
* ApkTrack's APKs are still distributed over HTTP because the server uses a
self-signed certificate.
* If Greenify puts ApkTrack into hibernation, app installations, deletions
and upgrades will be missed. At the moment, the issue may be circumvented
by waking ApkTrack and performing the installation again, or deleting
ApkTrack's data to force a full re-detection.
* The "downloading" icon is too bright for a white background and needs to
be updated.