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<h1>Welcome to Albany Rowing Center!</h1>
Founded in 1985, the Albany Rowing Center, located on the Hudson River in
downtown Albany, is committed to providing recreational and competitive rowing
opportunities for both youth and adults. Albany Rowing Center (ARC) is a
not-for-profit organization that fosters interest in and provides opportunity
for rowing in New York's Capital District. ARC rowers represent all ages (from
middle school students on up) and a wide range of rowing abilities (from novice
to experienced).
<h2>Ice Breaker Challenge 5K</h2>
The <a href="ice_breaker_challenge.php">Ice Breaker Challenge 5K</a> Run was
Saturday March 26, 2011 at 9am. See <a href="2011_ice_breaker_results.php">the results for the Ice Breaker Challenge</a>
<h2> 2011 Adult learn to row day</h2>
The <a href="adult_learn_to_row_day.php">2011 Adult learn to row day</a> will be on April 23rd.
<h2>2010 Accomplishments Video</h2>
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<h2> Head of the Hudson</h2>
Save the Date! The 25th <a href="hoh.php">Head of the Hudson Regatta</a> will
take place Saturday September 24, 2011.
<h2>Our New Site! </h2>
Thank you to everyone who helped out in making this new site possible! Special thanks to:
Kim Stock of Kim Stock Photography for coming to one of our evening practices
and shooting beautiful photos for the new site, as well as providing us with
the graphic design associated with this year's Head of the Hudson Regatta.
Julie Lewis, for taking most of the videos linked in the "Media" section in the
YouTube player, and for providing us a link to her blog <a href="">Eat, Row, Sleep,Coaching Advice for Rowers and Scullers.</a></p>
And to all else who helped with providing photos and information to make this happen, Thank you!
<h1>State Champions!</h1>
<a href="">
ARC's Girls Varsity 8 just won the NYS championship!</a> They came in first
beating out all Girls Varsity 8's in the State. They will now move onto the
National Championship in Ohio in June.
<a href="">
<h2>The 2010 NYS Champions:</h2>
Bethlehem H.S.
<li> Abbey Bierman (coxwain) Gr. 10 </li>
<li> Erin Delaney Gr. 10 </li>
<li> Liz Helmer Gr. 12 </li>
<li> Emilie Johnston Gr. 10 </li>
<li> Meaghan Keefe Gr. 11 </li>
<li> Kristen Manning Gr. 10 </li>
<li> Maggie Morrell Gr. 11 </li>
<li> Completing the 8 was Sarah Gannon of Albany Academy and Becca Herron of Catholic Central H.S. </li>
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<h3>Upcoming Regattas</h3>
<table border="0">
<td>October 2, 2010</td>
<td>Head of the Mohawk <br/>Niskayuna, NY</td>
<td>October 9, 2010</td>
<td>Head of the Housatonic <br/>Shelton, CT</td>
<td>October 23 &amp; 24, 2010</td>
<td>Head of the Charles <br/>Cambridge, MA</td>
<td>October 31, 2010</td>
<td>Head of the Fish <br/>Saratoga Springs, NY</td>
<h3>Huson River Information</h3>
<li><a href="">Water Quality</a> </li>
<li><a href="">Tide Charts</a></li>
<li><a href="">USGS Flow gage</a></li>
<li><a href="">Hudson River Salt Front data</a></li>
<li><a href="">Hudson River Estuary Program</a></li>
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