Analysis scripts for the Bro Intrusion Detection System
Bro Python Shell Standard ML
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testing New script for watching for correct headers and order of those header… Mar 16, 2010
COPYING Updated copyright date. Jan 9, 2010
README http-identified-files.bro and associated scripts renamed to include t… Mar 8, 2010
active-hosts-metrics.bro update for new api Mar 30, 2012
country-metrics.bro update for new api Mar 30, 2012
dump_http.bro fixes Nov 14, 2012 for dumping http traffic Jun 12, 2012 host is a 'reserved' field in splunk Mar 16, 2012
http-ext-block-exe-hosts.bro add www1 to bad domains Apr 29, 2011
http-metrics.bro update for new api Mar 30, 2012
http-mime-metrics.bro update for new api Mar 30, 2012
http-site-metrics.bro reworked Mar 21, 2012
http-size-metrics.bro tweak interval, fix calculation Nov 9, 2011
ipblocker.bro fix ip definition Mar 8, 2012
log-external-dns.bro fix notice suppression Mar 1, 2012
log-external-names.bro fixes and tweaks Mar 1, 2012
log-http-sqli.bro only log incoming Mar 1, 2012
metrics.http-ext.bro stats get written once per worker.. need to fix Nov 17, 2010
metrics.smtp-ext.bro stats get written once per worker.. need to fix Nov 18, 2010
notice.bro.patch n$id is more likely to exist than n$conn Mar 19, 2010
rdp.bro remove RDP namespace, it isn't needed and was breaking signatures Mar 11, 2010
rdp.sig basic rdp policy Oct 30, 2009
rogue-access-points.bro is_local_addr is under Site:: now Nov 14, 2011
simple-clear-passwords.bro cleanups, new features Mar 26, 2010
smtp-ext-count-rejects.bro Get rid of some warnings. Oct 29, 2009
smtp-ext-phish-passwords.bro merge in change used in logging.smtp-ext.bro from seth Mar 11, 2010
ssh-ext-block.bro make scanner client versions configurable Jan 29, 2010
subnet-admins.bro fix the conn_id reference, n$conn doesn't always exist, but n$id will Mar 16, 2010
subnet-helper.bro script to block libssh scanners Jan 28, 2010
tablize script for pretty printing a bro-log Nov 8, 2011 remove extra headers in output Feb 3, 2012


Bro-IDS analysis scripts
All of these scripts require Bro 1.5 or greater.