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@load global-ext
@load ssh-ext
module SSH;
export {
# If set to T, this will split inbound and outbound transactions
# into separate files. F merges everything into a single file.
const split_log_file = F &redef;
# Which SSH logins to record.
# Choices are: Inbound, Outbound, All
const logging = All &redef;
event bro_init()
LOG::create_logs("ssh-ext", logging, split_log_file, T);
LOG::define_header("ssh-ext", cat_sep("\t", "",
"orig_h", "orig_p",
"resp_h", "resp_p",
"status", "direction",
"country", "region",
"client", "server", "resp_size"));
event ssh_ext(id: conn_id, si: ssh_ext_session_info) &priority=-10
local log = LOG::get_file_by_id("ssh-ext", id, F);
print log, cat_sep("\t", "\\N",
id$orig_h, port_to_count(id$orig_p),
id$resp_h, port_to_count(id$resp_p),
si$status, si$direction,
si$location$country_code, si$location$region,
si$client, si$server,
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