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Mod for Planetary Annhiliation which add more functions for key binding
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Keybind Extensions

More possible functions for key binding.



Toggle, start, and a stop a middle-button-like mode where the planet follows the pointer. These only uses the regular keypress event keybinding logic.

Hold to pan operates closer to the middle mouse button. I've found regular keys awkward to use this way, but space or an underused modifier may be more comfortable.

Focus planet 1-16.

There is also a patch that makes next and previous planet work to always focus a planet when you were focused on the sun.

Fixed planet anchors

Look at...

  • North pole
  • South pole
  • Equator, 0 degrees
  • Equator, 90 degrees
  • Equator, 180 degrees
  • Equator, 270 degrees

Spectator Vision

  • All players
  • Previous player
  • Next player
  • Player N (1-10)


Select all on screen (double tap for planet)

  • Bot
  • Tank (aka vehicles)
  • Orbital
  • Combat Orbital
  • Orbital Factories
  • Advanced Factories
  • Fighter
  • Transport (air)
  • Scout
  • Radar (recon)
  • Matching selection

Selection Edit

  • Only one in selection (double tap to track)
  • Halve selection (within each unit type)

Only X in Selection and Remove X from Selection:

  • Construction (e.g. combat fabs)
  • Bot
  • Tank (aka vehicles)
  • Heavy (e.g. infernos)
  • Land
  • Air
  • Fighter
  • Transport
  • Scout
  • Naval
  • Orbital
  • Advanced

Alternate ESC/Back

I tend to hit ESC too many times and end up with an option menu. Breaks out all the pieces. Tip: keep the basic version bound to something in case the mod gets turned off for any reason.

  • Navigate back (no menu)
  • Open option menu
  • Close option menu
  • Toggle option menu
  • Close chronocam
  • Cancel selection
  • Clear build sequence
  • End fab mode
  • End command mode
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