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Code examples from my ChicagoRuby talk on lamdas, blocks, Procs, and company.
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.hgtags Added tag 20100417glrb for changeset cf6b9cd6e895 update readme
Rakefile abstract spec files
abstraction.rb replace proc with block
alias_brackets.rb more appropriate call for Cthulhu
asset_host.rb image names for asset host example
backtrace_cleaner_example.rb alternate method for filtering
bind_unbind.rb refactor bind/unbind for separate slides
block_return.rb tweak block return
block_yield.rb reworked examples
c_in_ruby.rb coding style counterexamples
class_proc.rb reformatting
closure.rb reworked examples
contain_exceptions.rb non-Proc exception example that uses ordinary yield
contain_exceptions_rspec.rb rename exception example to make way for new version
contain_values.rb typo
error_handling.rb reformatting
first_class_spec.rb reformat first class specs
iterators.rb first drafts; after adding proc-shortener
java_in_ruby.rb coding style counterexamples
lambda_rack.rb update examples for 1.9 compatibility
method.rb expand method for multiple slides
monad_spec.rb a few comments; it will still eat your brain
non_local_return_lambda.rb rename return:: to non-local return
non_local_return_spec.rb rename return:: to non-local return
object_rack.rb update examples for 1.9 compatibility
passing_the_block.rb reworked examples
passing_the_proc.rb replace proc with block
respond_to_example.rb simpler respond_to with method_missing
self.rb reworked examples
self_bogus_spec.rb self specs
self_spec.rb self specs
shared_scope.rb reformat shared scope
super_spec.rb first drafts; after adding proc-shortener
to_proc.rb replace proc with block
transmutation.rb first drafts; after adding proc-shortener
y_combinator_spec.rb just for fun - Y combinator in Ruby
you_already_use_closure.rb prosaic use of closure

Code examples for Justin Love's lambda/closure talks

  • "Lambdas, Procs and Blocks, Oh My", ChicagoRuby (Elmhurst) 2010-02-20
  • "Lambda and Closure: Horrors of the Computer Science Mythos", Great Lakes Ruby Bash, 2010-04-17

The first version of the talk had several examples that didn't make the cut, and with refactoring the greater part are longer used.

The examples were originally developed under 1.8.7; as of last check, they all run under 1.9.1. My environment is OS X using MacPorts; in particular, this environment installs 1.8 as 'ruby' and 1.9 as 'ruby1.9'.

Generating Output

run rake; it will create .txt files with interleaved input/output, using irb and rspec.

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