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html-query-plan is a JavaScript library for showing Microsoft SQL Server execution plans in HTML.

html-query-plan screenshot

To use in a web page:

  • Find the latest release here.
  • Include qp.css and qp.min.js
  • Call QP.showPlan, passing the container in which to show the plan and the query plan XML (as a string).
<div id="container"></div>
    QP.showPlan(document.getElementById("container"), '<ShowPlanXML...');

See the examples folder for complete examples.


Additional options can be passed using the 3rd argument:

<div id="container"></div>
    var options = {
        jsTooltips: false
    QP.showPlan(document.getElementById("container"), '<ShowPlanXML...', options);
Option Default Description
jsTooltips true Set to false to use CSS tooltips.

Running XSLT separately

Under the covers, html-query-plan is an XSLT 1.0 stylesheet (qp.xslt), which can be used to pre-render the plan html. Javascript is still needed to draw the connecting lines. To do this, follow the above steps but call QP.drawLines instead:

<div id="container">
    <!-- Insert XSLT output here -->

Browser Support

Should work just fine in any modern browser. Tested in Chrome, Firefox and IE9+. IE8 and earlier have known issues.


Meaning of the "overlay" icons for nodes:

Icon Description
Batch Icon Either the actual execution mode was "Batch" (for actual execution plans), or the estimated execution mode was "Batch" (for estimated plans).
Parallel Icon The node was executed in parallel.
Warning Icon There are one or more warnings on the node.

All icons are adapted from the Fat Cow "Farm Fresh" web icons pack, which can be found at


Run the following commands in bash to output minified and unminified versions in the dist folder:

npm run webpack && NODE_ENV=production npm run webpack


A big thankyou to Brent Ozar Unlimited (who make Paste The Plan) for sponsoring development of html-query-plan.

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