A 20 minute presentation demonstrating practical uses for Elasticsearch beyond simple search.
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Elasticsearch for Everything

A short (~20m) presentation demonstrating practical uses for Elasticsearch beyond simple search. See the video: http://vimeo.com/blacklocus/dev-and-data-2013-elasticsearch-for-everything

To use

  1. Set up an elasticsearch cluster. For best visual effect, consider one consisting of more than one node.
  2. Install the elasticsearch-head plugin on a node in the cluster. Alternatively, just have elasticsearch-head locally, and connect it to a node on the cluster.
  3. Adjust libraries/addyosmani-todomvc-d41638c/architecture-examples/backbone/js/collections/todos.js to point the TodoList url to an HTTP endpoint of a node in your elasticsearch cluster if other than
  4. Set up an index for Twitter tweets. You'll want to make sure the created_at date format is set to Twitter's format. See this wiki page for the schema I used. You can PUT just the created_at mapping if you want; auto-mapping does fine for the other fields.
  5. Load a Twitter archive into that elasticsearch index. I used ElasticTweets to load my downloaded Twitter archive.
  6. Open deck.html in a modern web browser. Consider opening developer browser tooling that can demonstrate HTTP connections for technical audiences.


The contents of this slide deck, with the exception of included 3rd-party libraries, is licensed as Creative Commons Attribution License version 3.0. See LICENSE.md for the full terms of this license. Attribution for the slide content should be given to the original author: Justin Turner Arthur. This section will be amended with the names of major collaborators if such collaboration occurs.

Third party inclusions:

  • TodoMVC is modified and used under the MIT License.
  • deck.js is used under the MIT License.
  • UNOFFICIAL GITHUB LATEST COMMITS WIDGET by TylerH is used, but not included in this project. Source is publicly available under Apache License, Version 2.0.