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Make GitHub Greater

Inspired by MakeGitHubGreatAgain.

Double click the empty space on the site header and choose your own background color! The text color will automatically switch (between black and white) according to the calculated contrast ratio.

Double click to change the color.


Published versions

Manual installation


  • Why Chrome warns me the extension might read my browser history?

    It's because Make GitHub Greater uses webNavigation module to dynamically inject content scripts (to support GitHub Enterprise). Make GitHub Greater won't track or record any of these private data.

  • Why access token isn't working for me?

    Now Make GitHub Greater is saving user's private access token into localStorage. localStorage has a limit of 5MB and the problem might be other extensions have consumed too much storage that Make GitHub Greater failed to save access tokens.


For browser extension versions (excluding Safari version), Make GitHub Greater now provide following option:

  • Domain

    Use this option to set custom domains for your GitHub Enterprise service. Note that you don't need to set github.com because it's always included. You may be asked to grant additional permissions for those domains.