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A resource of haxe javascript experiments, the code is self contained, so requires no other libraries just standard haxe3.

Based on my haxe javascript experiments and merges in my Divtastic and related experimental libraries.

All code has been updated to haxe3, it includes drawing with just Div's, bezier tweening without a tween engine. Canvas rotation approach, canvas image filters, canvas animation, simple 3d, color based hittest, calendar, etc.. There is one css3 rotation animation example. There is a sliderpuzzle game included. All code has been run using latest SVN haxe3 build.

In the main class are all the experiments, just comment out the ones you don't want to run, it is not wise to run them all as some are heavy. The video Jigsaw has not yet been included but there is a slider puzzle, and there is a video to canvas example but a test video is excluded so this is commented out.

The hxml file is setup for my mac and firefox, so you may need to comment out depending on your setup.

I have no idea if these experiments run in all browsers, but they should run in lots.

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