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Link to app on Heroku at:

Makers Academy Final Project

Team Members

Index Table Task | Technologies | Languages | User Stories | Walkthrough and Screenshots | Installation | Testing


To create web-based dating app that allows users to express themselves through memes. The app requires users to be able to upload memes to their profile, from an existing memes library. Users should also be able to chat to each other in realtime.

The app should be created with strong TDD principles throughout. We will also be adhering to XP (extreme programming) methodology, and framing our progress in terms of XP values.


  • Rails 5.0.2
  • RSpec
  • Capybara
  • Action Cable
  • Heroku
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • API Integration
  • Redis
  • Active Record


  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • CSS

User Stories

As a visitor
So I know what BeMyMeme is about
The homepage would have a preview of the chat interaction (splash screen)

As a visitor
So I can participate on BeMyMeme
I should be able to create a profile and sign in

As a user
So I can hide my meme activity
I should be able to sign out

As a user
So I can see potential matches
I should be able to browse other users' profiles

As a user
So people can see my information
I should have a profile page

As a user
So I have an extensive toolbox of memes at my disposal
I should be able to browse from a gallery of memes

As a user
If I want to be able to initiate a proper chat with someone
I should be able to send a message to another user

As a user
If I want to respond to a message from someone
I should be able to send a message within a chat window exclusive to that user

As a user
Because I have a low patience threshold
I should receive new messages in realtime

Walkthrough and Screenshots

  1. Visit
  2. Click 'Sign up' Sign Up
  3. Fill out the form - remember to upload a profile pic! Form
  4. Visit 'My Profile'
  5. Click 'Add memes' - choose memes that express you from a gallery of memes! Memes
  6. Click "BeMyMeme" to view all other users.
  7. Click on a user's profile to see their info.
  8. Click 'Lets Talk' to start up a conversation
  9. Select the user you wish to chat with.
  10. You can now send and receive messages in realtime!!!

    Instructional video

    Video Demo


  1. In terminal, git clone
  2. Run bundle install.
  3. Create Databases rake db:create then rake db:migrate.
  4. To run app on server, in terminal enter rails s.
  5. Visit localhost:3000 to begin using app.


Test Coverage A TDD approach was taken. There were challenges to testing Chat across 2 clients and in the absence of an action cable test framework; this is reflected in the stats.