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This branch is used to implement porting freertos-basic onto STM32F4 Discovery.

We adpated TheKK/myFreeRTOS.

The source code of FreeRTOS kernel are in folder FreeRTOS.

Application codes are in Source/app and main.c in the same folder. This folder is FreeRTOS/Demo/CORTEX_M4F_STM32F407ZG-SK.

Version of kernel is 8.2.1.

In Utilities/, STM32F429I-Discovery include library in Common/ and Third_Party. As a result, do not remove them even if they were not mentioned in Makefile. This folder is ST-supported drivers.


  1. Dowload the source code: git clone
  2. Get into the project: cd freertos-basic
  3. Checkout to the porting branch: git checkout porting
  4. Compile: make
  5. Flash: make flash