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Quickly setup multiple websites via Docker containers on a single server.
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Quickly setup multiple websites via Docker containers on a single server.


  • Traefik: This project uses Traefik to load balance and route traffic to each site.
  • Static Sites: Sites use Nginx to serve the files and PHP to interpret. You can replicate your own sites within each site folder.
  • MySQL: Use this container if you'd like to run a database for your application. Alternatively, you can combine the contents of this docker-compose file with the docker-compose file of your site.


  1. Install Docker
  2. Navigate to each directory in this project and run docker-compose up -d starting with Traefik. Traefik can either host insecure content or SSL content. If using the SSL Traefik docker-compose command, each service will receive its own SSL certificate provided by LetsEncrypt through Traefik. Traefik will take care of automatically renewing these certs as well. Navigate to either the /insecure or /ssl directory based on your needs.
  3. Start up each of your sites using docker-compose up -d in the directory of the site. Replicate the site folder structure as needed for other projects and update accordingly. Drop in your html/php files to each directory.

NOTE: If using the SSL Traefik config, you'll need to edit the traefik.toml file in that directory. There is a line to add your email and default domain. These will be used to register each SSL cert. Without this information, it won't run.

There you go! You have a fully functioning multisite Docker server running the latest versions of Nginx and PHP, each with their own SSL certificate - all automated and virtualized. Easily transfer your entire server to another machine, scale your services quickly, or share your projects with others.

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