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Learn to code with these simple lessons.
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Learn Docker
Learn Git
Learn Laravel

Techie Tinkers

Welcome to the Techie Tinkers project. Whether you are a techie or just a tinker, I hope you'll find something useful here about programming.

Many of the items you'll see in this project can be simply read; however, to take full advantage, you'll want to clone this repo and play with the examples provided.

  1. Learn Git

  2. Learn Docker

  3. Learn Laravel

Additional Resources

  • HTML/CSS: We won't go into much details here about HTML or CSS, but a good beginners reference for HTML and CSS can be found here: W3Schools. We don't recommend using W3Schools for other programming languages as some of their examples are outdated or prone to security vulnerabilities, but they do a good job of being a HTML/CSS reference.
  • Semantic Versioning: It's a great idea to learn how semantic versioning works. Check that out here:


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