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Renovation Project

This will be the solution to a university training exercise originally designed to be implemented in Java, however I liked the idea of attempting an implementation in Scala.

The assignment originally includes jUnit tests which the implementation has to pass. Since I am not entirely sure I'd be allowed to upload those tests I'll eventually write a few tests of my own.

Since the original tests are designed to work with a pure Java implementation some methods have to be translated to work. Right now the compatibility is ensured by using java.lang.Double instead of scala.lang.Double but that obviously is messy and wrong, but it works, and I currently can't get a clean implementation to work (the hard part is converting the Map from addMaterialReq from Map[String,scala.lang.Double] to Map[String,java.lang.Double])




  • It compiles!
  • The majority of tests pass, but some don't and the reason does not appear to be all that obvious, so I suspect a major bug in my implementation.


Warning: This is not a valid solution for the 'Praktomat'. Is should eventually pass all the jUnit tests but please do not attempt to upload this as a solution to the 'Praktomat'. The 'Praktomat' does not have a Scala Compiler and thus will not compile or run this code.

Furthermore do not try to build your Java solution based on this implementation, you will fail, Scala is not Java!