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#! /usr/bin/env python3
def auto_init(class_):
def filter_func(fieldname):
Return True if the field is not private and its value is a type
if fieldname.startswith('_'):
return False
value = getattr(class_, fieldname)
return isinstance(value, type)
fields = filter(
fields_and_types = [(field, getattr(class_, field)) for field in fields]
for field in fields:
# delete the class attributed to prevent collision
delattr(class_, field)
# preserve the old init, this is a safety measure
old_init = getattr(class_, '__init__')
# if the class does not define this itself, this will be super.__init__
# which is convenient
def new_init(self, **kwargs):
# only accept kwargs, because otherwise there's no way of
# matching the fields
for field, type_ in fields_and_types:
# check whether the field is present
# for simplicity's sake I do not handle extra arguments
if field not in kwargs:
raise TypeError(
'Expected keyword Argument {}'.format(field)
value = kwargs[field]
# typecheck the field
if not isinstance(value, type_):
raise TypeError(
'Expected instance of {} for field {}'.format(
type_, field
# essentially self.field = value
setattr(self, field, value)
old_init(self) # for completeness sake
class_.__init__ = new_init
return class_
class TestClass:
foo = int
bar = int
glob = str
a = TestClass(foo=0, bar=8, glob="globbi globbi globbi")
b = TestClass(foo=8, bar=8, glob="")
# =>> 0
# =>> 8
print( ==
# =>> True
print(b.glob != a.glob)
# =>> True
# =>> globbi globbi globbi
except Exception as e:
# =>> Expected keyword Argument foo
TestClass(foo=object, bar=0, glob="eirjg")
except Exception as e:
# =>> Expected instance of <class 'int'> for field foo