an ada implementation of a dab decoder
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an ada implementation of a dab decoder

Just to freshen up my knowledge of the Ada programming langage (after a period of over 20 years) a - simplified - version of the dab software was encoded in Ada.
Ada and C++ are different languages, languages with different idioms, there are some minor architectural differences between the Ada and the C++ version(s).

ada-dab with sdrplay input

The ada-dab program, though functioning quite well with devices as SDRplay, AIRspy and DABsticks, is not actively maintained: it was just an exercise.

Compilation of the program

For compiling the program you will need a. Ada (preferably Gnat) b. GtkAda for the very, very simple GUI c. C libraries for portaudio, fftw3, rtlsdr and faad d. C libraries for the devices, rtlsdr, airspy and sdrplay unless you comment out the lines for the devices you do not want to support.

Note that the functioning also depends on some C libraries, for those libraries, wrappers are included. Compilation of the system does require compiling C functions.

The GPR file, for generating an executable is in the main directory of the sources. Settings are for including a library for the airspy and for the SDRplay. Just adapt to your needs.

On my laptop, building an executable is simply by

gprbuild dab-receiver.gpr

Command line parameters

The Mode may be set in the command line with the -m switch. Choose among (Mode_1, Mode_2 and Mode_4). Default is Mode 1, The Band may be set in the command line with the -b switch, Choose between BAND_III and L_BAND. Default is BAND_III.

The device may be set in the command line with the -d switch. Choose among (raw, rtlsdr, sdrplay, airspy).

If you do not want to support any of these devices, comment the appropriate line out in main.adb

with rtlsdr_wrapper;    use rtlsdr_wrapper;
with rawfiles;          use rawfiles;
with airspy_wrapper;    use airspy_wrapper;
with sdrplay_wrapper;   use sdrplay_wrapper;

and comment the appropriate line(s) out in main.adb

when 'd' =>
   if Parameter = "raw" then
     theDevice := new rawfiles. raw_device;
     deviceName := "raw       ";
   elsif parameter = "airspy" then
     theDevice := new airspy_wrapper. airspy_device;
     deviceName := "Airspy    ";
   elsif Parameter = "sdrplay" then
     theDevice := new sdrplay_wrapper. sdrplay_device;
     deviceName := "SDRplay   ";
   elsif Parameter = "rtlsdr" then
     theDevice := new rtlsdr_wrapper. rtlsdr_device;
     deviceName := "rtlsdr    ";
     theDevice := new rawfiles. raw_device;
     devicename := "raw       ";
   end if;

Implementation description

A reasonably detailed description of the implementation is given in "dab-ada.pdf".