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Releases: JvanKatwijk/qt-dab

Qt-DAB versions 4 and 5

02 Aug 14:40
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An old plan was to upgrade the dabMini program, just an interface as simple as possible, just for listening to a service
Implementation of that plan ended up in a new GUI for Qt-DAB, and a version next tot 4.4

While called V5, it is functionally the same as the 4.4 version, just with a new front. Basically almost all controls are shifted to the
configuration window (which is called configuration and control window), and just a few buttons for interacting are left on the
main widget.
So, V5 is not a replacemement, and updates to the 4 version will - at least for now - be numbered 4.x.x

To be complete, I generated AppImages and Windows installers for both the 4 and 5 version.

Note that the qt-dab-5 version now has support for generating eti files. If there is (lots of)m interest, I'' add the same
functionality to the 4.4. version


I run under Windows the 4 and 5 versions next to each other, they have different identifications.
Note that the appImages and Windows installers are made from the most recent sources, not the sources in this
release version

The most recent versions are "coloured:, thanks to a Qt-stylesheet

The build from 27/10 has - apart from an additional checkbox for saving/not saving slides - support for the SDRplay v3 that is
(almost completely) rewritten and provides now also the C antenna for the RSPDx




28 Jun 08:43
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There were quite some changes made since the release of 4.4.1, some of them already in the precompiled files in the release section.
4.4.2 adds these changes and elminates a few minor errors.
The map functions have been rewritten.
Whether or not you want the main widget ALWAYS on top can be set in the configuration widget. Note however that Windows ALWAYS places a new widget in the centre of the screen. This might give problems: if you have the main widget in the center of the screen, and e.g. start a scan, then the widget with the question whether or not to save results will be UNREACHABLE AND THE MAIN WIDGET CANNOT BE SHIFTED TO ANOTHER PLACE WHILE THE QUESTION IS UNANSWERED

If you installed the latest version of SDRuno, i.e. with API library 3.10 then the functioning of the "old" 2.13 library is blocked.
I changed in the Windows version the labels for SDRplay, i.e. "sdrplay" refers to SDRplay-V3, and sdrplay-v2 to the v2 version
Since there seemed to be some problems in fetching the library for the 3.10 API, the code was slightly adapted to deal with that
so the installer here should work with the 3.10 API

Last note: the manual is updated



21 Jun 16:57
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A number of mods was made to map handling.
The most recent one is that selecting a transmitter on the map will show some details on the right side of the map window.
There are two types of "dots" for transmitters, transmitters in the current channel get a real "dot", the transmitters belonging to
previously selected channels another marker.
The configuration widget lets you choose between automatically starting a browser of touching http select, or manually, the current version here has a checkbox to select the option
and it lets you choose between viewing only the transmitters on the map of the current channels of also those encountered when visiting
other channels.
I did not change the pictures in the manual, may be later

READ THIS AS (WINDOWS) USER A recent change was to put the main widget always on top. This may cause problems: Windows creates new widgets in the center of the screen, the main widget, if positioned there, remains on top! Note that if the newly created widget asks for confirmation, and the main widget is (still) located in the center, you have a serious problem: you cannot move the main widget, and therefore cannot answer the question so everything will be blocked
While furthermore I do not want the main widget on top when doing other things, e.g. reading something or programming, so I added a
check box to the config widget to select or deselect the option. NOTE HOWEVER THAT THIS IS ONLY EFFECTIVE WITH THE NEXT PROGRAM INVOCATION

Qt-DAB 4.4

14 Jun 16:33
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Qt-DAB 4.4 adds showing the locations of the transmitters being received on a map
This is an updated version!

As usual, an installer for Windows is available as well as an AppImage for Linux64



05 Apr 18:30
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Just an update to handle some problems in epg handling.
Note the checkbox on the config widget to select - or deselect - the conversion from epg to xml. The latter, using an imported
library, might cause a crash. Default it is switched off.
Btw, both the Windows and the Linux versions have support for Adalm pluto (of course you have to have
installed the support libraries such as libiio and libad9361 for it

qt-dab-4 4

A Windows installer and an AppImage for version 4.4. are included. Version 4.4. adds showing the transmitter location on a map.
The main widget has a button labeled "http", if touched, a server will start and transmit the map on port 8080

So, on your local machine, start a browser and select the address "localhost:8080" to see the map.

Note that these are part of the prerelease of Qt-DAB 4.4


10 Mar 18:29
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Just two changes

  1. removing an entry from the preset list is now simple: just click with the right hand mouse button on the entry and it will be removed
  2. the forat of the output of the content button is now made the same as that of the output of the scan function
  3. the manual was updated

dab-mini wasn't changed at all

Qt-DAB 4.3, adding tii names

27 Jan 18:03
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Qt-DAB 4.3 adds - only for the precompiled versions - the feature that names of transmitters are shown.
So, the appImage as well as the Windows setup file have the modules implementing the feature built in.

To my regret, due to intentional abuse of some parts and not respecting rules of confidentiality,
the parts implementing the feature are withdrawn from the sourcetree.
A redesign, aiming at better protection of confidentiality, or may be a different form of licencing, is being worked on.
In the meantime, if you want/need to add the naming facility, please contact the author privately


Documentation is somewhat behind and still refers to 4.2


24 Jul 16:49
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Since the original version of 3.7 came, many changes have been applied. Latest changes were adding filters to Lime and rtlsdr handler and
adding a button on the main widget. Enough to move on to a new version number.
An updated user's guide is also attached.


12 May 17:14
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Based on user requests the "mute" button is moved from the "Technical Details" widget to the main widget.
Furthermore, handling the snr display was redesigned and reimplemented.
As such that would not be enough for a new version, however,
a contributor ran the software linked with an address sanitizer discovering some pointer problems.
These problems seem to be solved.
New is that the GUI for dabMini is now resizable, and for dabMini a fresh windows installer and a fresh appImage are generated.
As usual, for Qt-DAB an AppImage. a Windows installer and documentation are attached.
The 64 bit version is withdrawn and is NOT supported.


05 Aug 09:27
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Travis CI build log:

While there is not much difference between 3.5.2 and 3.5.0, some changes were made - to comfort Windows users.
It turned out that the scanning function - when used under Windows with the rtlsdr 2832 devices - gave problems. Of course, would that occur when running Linux, detecting the cause of the error would be well possible. Unfortunately, only being a simple Linux developer,
Windows is far too difficult for me to find the precise cause. However, a number of changes (rewrites) were made - based on educated guesses what could/would have caused the problem - and that problem does not seem to show up anymore. Furthermore, it took a while, but it seems that now jpg slides - windows of course - will be made visible!
Anyway, the README and the documentation contains a disclaimer on the use of the software under Windows.

the good news is that there is - next to the appImage for x64 Windows, an appImage for dabMini, and there are windows32 installers
for Qt-DAB and dabMini. 64 bit installers for Windows are available on request.
Furthermore, while I appreciate that no one ever reads documentation, I suggest that you at least glance through the users guide if there is a question on the use of Qt-DAB, documentation is quite extensive. To ease life, I added the latest version of the documentation to the items that can be downloaded from here (file qt-dab.pdf)