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The 2.0 version differs from the 1.1 version in several ways
a. architectural differences, the 2.0 version has a different structure wrt handling the ofdm decoding
b. simplification: showing spectra etc can now be selected by pushing a button, rather than being compiled in
c. eliminating the button for Mode selection, that simplifies the implementation. Setting the mode can be done in the configuration (i.e. ".ini") file.

The windows-bin.zip file contains the precompiled programs, ready to run with a DABstick, an SDRplay
device and an AIRspy.

The Qt_DAB_ARM.AppImage is - as the name suggests - an appimage for use on RPI2/3. Please install
the required device libraries first, they are not part of the appImage. NOTE THAT THIS APPIMAGE AS WELL AS THE WINDOWS-BIN FOLDER ARE BUILT AGAINST THE 2.13 LIBRARY FOR THE SDRPLAY, IT WILL NOT WORK WITH OLDER VERSIONS. It should be working with the SDRplay-duo

The zipped folder windows-bin.zip contains the most recent versions of qt-dab, dabradio, fmreceiver, wfm-rpi and qt-1090. Most of the supporting libraries are included in the zipped folder

NEW: The Qt-DAB, dabradio, fmreceiver, wfm-rpi, qt-1090 programs are now able to deal with the SDRplay-duo. Furthermore - experimental - the rtlsdr.dll can be replaced by a "fake" version, for use with the
SDRplay as DABstick. See the README

Next to Qt-DAB a version sdrplayDab exists that is optimized for use with SDRplay RSP devices.
The sources are to be found in the sdrplayDab repository, an executable for use under Windows
is in the zipped windows-bin folder

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In this release mot handling is rewritten. As usual, the windows-bin.zip file is a zipped folder with the executables of qt-dab and other sdr-j programs

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The windows version is from April 6, it is named 1.0-alpha. Difference with the previous version is that a small (nasty) error in rtl_tcp client is corrected.
The "windows-bin.zip" directory includes the libraries needed (of course you have to install the device driver yourself), that is why the whole folder is now here. The folder includes the fm and the sw software.

Included now is a (slightly experimental) appimage for use with Raspbian Stretch on an RPI2

Aug 6, 2017
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