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A simple spectrumviewer


Since most of modern sdr devices can handle signals with a substantial bandwidth, it is desirable to be able to show such spectra.

spectrumviewer is able to handle the input from wide band devices, such as the SDRplay, hackrf devices and limeSDR, each showing a bandwidth of 10 Mhz in the picture.

The program allows "scanning" over a selected band, with a selected interval and a selected frequency step. The programs shows at the same time a frequency spectrum and a waterfall.

The current version has three "scopes", the top one showing the spectrum of the signal, with the second one showing the spectrum as a waterfall.

The third one, smaller, allows you to look in greater detail to a segment of the spectrum. The amount of detail is determined by the decimation setting, a range between 5 and 100.

Added is a view on the signal - as presented to the detailed viewer - as appearing in the time domain.

The current version is a redesign and the GUI is modernized.


At some point in time an installer for Windows will be created


To construct the spectrumviewer adapt the ".pro" file to your needs For the devices included (by uncommenting the appropriate lines in the ".pro" file) you need to install the appropriate libraries

Supported devices

The program can be configured to handle the SDRplay, DABsticks, the AIRspy, the HACKrf, the limeSDR and the Adalm Pluto

The software will - on startup - perform a check to see which device is available, depending on the configured devices.

The current implementation supports dynamically selecting the width of the signal for the SDRplay, the AIRspy and the limeSDR, the bandwidth for the Hackrf is set to 10 Mhz,

The software does support the full frequency range for the Hackrf device, i.e. up to 6000 Mhz, while the other devices are limited to app 2 GHz.