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sdrplayDab is experimental software for Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi for listening to terrestrial Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB and DAB+). It is derived from Qt-DAB, and designed for sole use with SDRplay RSP devices. It uses a different approach for gain setting and for recognizing DAB frames than used in qt-dab.



The executable for Windows is - together with other programs compiled for Windows and libraries needed - in a zipped folder, maintained in the releases section of Qt-DAB, for Linux, however, one has to create an executable.

Just follow the approach sketched for Qt-DAB.

The GUI of sdrplayDab is almost equal to the GUI of qt-dab. Since the device to be used is the SDRplay RSP, there is no device selector. Starting the program without a connected device will open a menu for file selection (however, note that only files created by sdrplayDab are suitable for processing).

New is that on start up no widget is presented for the SDRplay control. I really like to see as much as possible about the settings and data of the selected service, I can imagine, however, that others just want to listen, without too many widgets on the screen.

As with the widgets for Technical Details and others, touching a button - the one labeled "device handler" - will cause the widget for the SDRplay control to be visible (and touching it again will hide it).

Note that apart from device handling and ofdm handling, the code is the code from qt-dab. It is most likely that this code will be merged with the qt-dab code base.

While it is possible to read in and process a file, neither the main program nor the file handler will do frequency correction, so the data in the file should not have an offset in the frequency.

With sdrplayDab one is able to dump the frequency and gain corrected input into a file, so these files can be processed successfully by sdrplayDab.