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Apple OTA Blockers
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For iOS

iOS 10/11/12 NOOTA: Download

Just click the download link above and follow the directions!

Apple Developer Beta Profiles can be found here!

For AppleTV

There are two different ways to install the iOS_12_Beta_Profile.mobileconfig to block AppleTV updates, you can select one.

- If you have a macOS

  1. Download Apple Configure 2 from Mac App Store
  2. Download this mobileconfig file: CLICK HERE
  3. Use a USB-C type cable to Connect to your AppleTV
  4. Import the file via Apple Configure 2

- If you don't have macOS

  1. Open Settings in your AppleTV
  2. Click "General"
  3. Click "Privacy"
  4. Move the Highlight cursor on "Share Apple TV" without clicking it.
  5. Then Press the "Play and Pause" Button on your Apple TV Remote!
  6. Add the file with a URL

About The File(s)

They were created by Apple for tvOS beta and iOS beta.

The reason this works is because the profile you just installed actually enrolls your device into another platform's beta program. Your device will now go looking for a compatible version of let's say iOS but your device now can only find tvOS betas, it will assume no update is available and as such, not offer one. It’s a workaround of sorts, and it’s very effective. Should you want to update iOS at a later date, simply removing the profile and restarting should do the trick, so it’s a completely reversible process, too.

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