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#Jonathan Evans

Software engineer. Enjoys making things with Python and JavaScript. Good software engineering is as much about communication as coding.

Contact: jwpevans at gmail dot com


TrackMaven (2012-2016)

Senior Software Maven

One of two engineers hired to build the alpha of a marketing analytics platform, TrackMaven. After creating and launching the initial application, worked to grow the engineering team and develop the product through several rounds of investment in the business. Helped to oversee architectural decisions, build a strong team of enthusiastic engineers and scale the product to hundreds of customers.

Initially built a monolithic application using Django on Heroku, and then advocated for and helped to transition to a service-based architecture using Django, Flask, AngularJS and Kafka with a Docker orchestration layer running on AWS.

Focussed on good REST API design, documentation and developer productivity. Paired with junior engineers, aided in the hiring process and worked to develop a strong team culture.

Closed Loop Labs (2011-2012)

Co-founder / Software Engineer

Co-founded a web development consultancy, working on both internal and third-party projects. Designed and built complex web applications using a variety of programming languages and technologies.

University of Cambridge Metabolic Research Laboratories (2010)

Computer Programming Research Assistant

Designed and wrote Matlab software for use in data analysis for a research group developing artificial pancreas technology.




Developed an open source Python package to help quickly construct pretty JSON APIs using Flask.


Working on a continuous, centralised documentation service for teams with codebases spanning many repositories.


Downing College, Cambridge University (2007-11)

BA & MEng (Hons) Engineering

Obtained an MEng in the Cambridge Engineering Tripos, achieving a Distinction for my Master's project investigating the mechanical properties of cell dynamics through a C++ software model.


Language Proficiency
Dutch Limited working
Spanish Basic
French Basic



  • Programming best practices
  • New programming languages
  • Everything else


  • Scientific/news publications
  • Fiction


  • Cycling
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Skiing


  • Exploring foreign cultures
  • Visiting places of natural beauty