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This git Archive contains test Sources for emC


This is a comprehensive test and example environment of src_emC

Refer to webpage []

Especially work with this git archives refer to []

emC is embedded multiplatform C. The approach:

  • C and C++ are platform-independent languages from view of the algorithm.
  • A user application can run on PC for test and simulation as well as on several platforms.
  • The adaption to operation system access is done by the OSAL layer (Operation System Adaption)
  • This OSAL is not a hard standard, it is flexible for your application, but some common approaches are regarded.
  • The adaption to hardware access should be done by user by adequate wrapper routines, whereby the calculation time is not ineffective if inline keyword is used.
  • The language style and standards should be a intersection (subset) of all common possibilities, this subset is enough productive. Do not use special featuers which has not really an advantage.
  • Use an ObjectOriented approach! It is possible in C too.
  • Combine C and C++ in a well kind. Define pure data primary in C with typedef struct and integrate that via inheritance in C++ classes for C++ usage.
  • Keep core algorithm in C if it is conceivable that C is need for a target platform; use C++ for more complex software structures which do never run on simple C only targets. Whereby call the C core routines with a simple C++ wrapping. C++ is usually better readable.
  • ObjectJc: The origin of this set of sources had been a Runtime system for Java-translated C-codes. Java has a well infrastructure with a common base class java.lang.Object, a reflection system for type test and symbolic access and some more. This approach is able to use for C/C++ too. The core access to this approach is the struct ObjectJc.


Contains emC as submodule, test environment, some projects Visual studio, gcc, embedded. Docu. Gradle directory structure






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